Learn About Your Options

Did you know the average lifespan of a home furnace is 12-15 years? If your unit is approaching or has exceeded this time frame, you are likely considering a new HVAC system. Learn how we can help you save with our rebates and special offers.

Savings & Free Offers

Your furnace is a big investment. We understand that making the right decisions today are crucial to your long-term home comfort.

Here are some of our incentives:

  • 0% Financing*
  • Up to $2000 in Rebates for New Systems*
  • Free 1-year Maintenance Package (Complete System Installation)*
  • Up to $300 off a New Furnace*

*Conditions apply.

 Warranty & Maintenance

To protect you from surprise breakdowns and costly repairs, we provide a comprehensive maintenance package backed up by both parts & labor warranties.

  • 2-year Labor Warranty
  • 10-year Trane Furnace Manufacturers Warranty (Parts)
  • 10-year Mitsubishi Ductless Manufacturers Warranty (Parts)

What’s included in your 1-year complimentary maintenance package:

  • Check fan control
  • Ensure all safety controls are in working order
  • Test your thermostat
  • Review electrical voltage and amp draws
  • Check carbon monoxide levels
  • Inspect air filters
  • Adjust airflow for proper temperature changes
  • Clean flame sensor if required
  • Adjust gas pressure
  • Monitor the system for optimal performance

Regular furnace tune-ups and safety checks will ensure your system is running efficiently, saving you money on monthly heating bills.

A thorough maintenance plan completed by licensed and certified technicians also secures the longevity of your furnace, providing you peace-of-mind.

Furnace Specifications

What Size Furnace Do I Need?

When it comes to choosing an energy efficient furnace, there’s no one size fits all model. If your home’s furnace is too large, it will turn on and off more often, losing it’s efficiency.

If it’s too small, it needs to work harder, running more often without adequately heating your space.

How We Determine the Right Size Furnace for Your Needs

On average a 2,500 sq/ft home will require a furnace with the energy output of 75,000 BTUs, but there are many other factors that need to be considered, such as:

  • Age of Home
  • Number of Windows
  • Room Sizes
  • Average Climate
  • Building Insulation

Our experienced team of heating technicians can help determine the right size furnace for your needs based on these factors.

Why Choose a High-Efficiency Furnace?

Different furnaces deliver different heating efficiency levels. You can find out your furnace’s heating efficiency by looking at the yellow energy guide attached to it. If your furnace is 82% efficient, then it’s using 82% of its fuel to heat your home.

The higher your furnace’s efficiency is, the lower it’s fuel usage becomes—which means it costs less money to run.

High efficiency furnaces tend to cost more upfront, but the long-term savings in monthly heating costs can be well worth the initial investment.

Find out what size furnace you need by contacting our licensed and certified team of technicians.