We’ve been going things a certain way since day one, and we’re not about to change now.

In a company when something works, it just works. You know, simple things like saying what you mean, and always doing what you say. Showing up on time, treating people with respect, and being a good listener.

At EZ Breezy Heating & Air Inc., our goal is to be your HVAC provider for a lifetime. To earn that privilege, we work hard every day to treat you so well and so respectfully that most of our customers wouldn’t even think of looking at anyone else.

Here are a few specific examples of what we’re talking about:

  • We understand that you’d do anything to protect your home and family. We’re here to make that job a little easier by taking the best possible care of your home comfort systems.
  • EZ Breezy Heating & Air Inc. team member answers our phones, not a machine. We understand how important it is to speak to a human and not a robot because every home and situation is unique.
  • We hire and train top-level technicians and installers. Whenever appropriate, we present you with repair or new system options. We want you to be as comfortable with your decisions as you are with your heating and AC systems.
  • As HVAC service providers, we speak a language all our own, and one we don’t always expect you to understand. So we make a point to talk to you in plain English and to answer all your questions to your complete satisfaction.
  • The work we do inside your home can be messy at times. That’s why we protect the work area and thoroughly clean up after ourselves.​ Our goal is to leave your home the way we found it or cleaner.
  • We are authorized dealers of Trane and Mitsubishi as well as a Google Nest Pro and Google Guaranteed contractors.